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Organizadores Expo Seguridad

The renowned reputation and quality of their tradeshows is the underlying factor of the well established brand in the market. With a half a century of experience and through constant development, it is recognized as the largest and most modern company for the production and marketing of own tradeshows and fairs as well as for third parties. A great team of professionals from different areas of the organization, create and produce exhibitions, as efficient points of contact where technology and innovation meet to generate new business opportunities. As a creator of the Chilean trade show industry, FISA is an influential factor of financial, social and cultural development with the prospect of becoming one of the main business centers in Latin America. FOR MORE INFORMATION: TELEPHONE NUMBER: (56-2) 2 5307000

Seguridad Expo 2019 Seguridad Expo 2019
Seguridad Expo 2019 Seguridad Expo 2019